Who I Am


Who are you? Who am I? Who is “me” and which of the many mes am I today? As simple as that question might be, it’s sometimes not easy to answer.

Many years ago I´ve been a mechanical engineer working for the car industry, developing airbags and performing crash tests. That was me, because it was my job and it made the world go round.

A few years ago I´ve started travelling. Seventeen countries in threes years throughout all of Latin America. Living on the move, an incredible adventure, an unforgettable life experience. Back then, the answer was “I am a traveller”.

Just a few months ago, that journey led me to a place where I found another “me”. One that has always been there since the very beginning of childhood. The “me“ that can spend all day looking for the right angles, the perfect light or the most interesting person in a place. The very me, plainly happy doing what it likes doing most.

Now the answer is simple: I am a photographer!

What I Do
  • detail


  • nature


  • portrait


  • streetlife


  • wedding


  • report


  • production


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Got any questions? Wanna to meet? Need a photographer, cameraman, camera assistant?

Just get in touch with me!

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