La Foto Mochila initially was made up in the most traditional way possible, On flimsy napkin at the kitchen table in 2015. Since then, it´s been a long walk from the then just laughable idea over the first prototype to the now 3rd generation of the box.

While the prototype was little more than a photo printer in a box, the latest iteration has now risen to a full blown photographic entertainment tool, with countless applications in tourism and public relation.

  • Wireless picture transfer from the camera to the box
  • Instant display on the integrated touchscreen
  • Photos can be edited and watermarked
  • Printout on 10x15cm postcard format in about 1min
  • Full internet & social media and messaging support
  • Reasonable powerful sound system
  • Colored laser projection on the floor below
  • Integrated fog machine (yeb, sounds funny, but is not a joke)
  • Storage compartment for all tools and consumables
  • Funky retro design, somewhere in between an ipod and my grandmas breadbox
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  • 2.7 K